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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hop, Skip and a Week.

It's 20:50 pm on a Thursday night. I just received bad news from my sister which led me to thinking about this. How great would it be like to own your Business? Bloody Great isnt it??
I was working at Singapore Tourism Board when I got terminated and their reason, the lady I was sitting in will be returning the next working day. I was crushed! I thought " what the fish is going on here?" and that was a wakeup call for me. I decided there and then that I will be my own boss and own a business. Where You are the Product. You are what You are marketing. You are the business.
My Nutritionist, Mr Ron Simpson once told me
" You will never be rich if you remain an Employee."
I repeat, " You will never be rich if you remain an Employee."
I am so fedup with all these employers, Present company included of course, who exploit you and make you work hard and who benefits at the end of it, they do! who bend over backwards, You do. who gets the credit, They do!
right now is you are giving up your time for money. When they decide they have exploit you enough, they kick you to the kerb and employ new people. What's worse is that these people will throw you out just so that they can protect themselves. How do these people sleep at night?? Who made those rules up??
Smart people who make their money work for them, 97% of the time has residual income. Meaning? They have a fulltime job and a part time residual income. Meaning? When their employer decides to fire them , they know that they will have enough to survive.
I ask everyone to post a comment to give encouragement to my sister who is just a hop, skip and a week away of losing her job for something that wasn't even her fault and she didn't even get a chance to defend herself. Lets start helping each other by helping one person at a time.
Recommended titles:
  • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - David Kiyosaki
  • Awaken the Giants Within - Anthony Robbins


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Diets: Friend or Foe?

Diets: Friend or Foe?
Did anyone see the cover of this week's Newsweek magazine ( March 5, 2006)? The article help to spin this week's topic. The whole article talks about how we are being bullied around by all the mixed messages. How one scientist discover that Eggs are bad and eating too much fibre is bad for you (what the heck!??) We are all too familiar with all the Diet books, the High Protein diet, Low Sugar Promise, I cannot name in case I get sued.
I'm starting to wonder, is the Industry actually relying that we fail on our diets so that they can introduce more products??
When it comes to supplements, most of us do this, I know because I used to be one of those. I go to my favorite chemist, I pick a product, skim through the label and then pick up another one, that's cheaper or has more "vitamins". Then I will pick up individual supplement, Evening Primose Oil or Vitamin C ( for example). Then we are left more confused then we first started off. AGREE?
When it comes to your health, go for balance, completeness and quality, yes that includes the packaging, how precise are the supplements. It should not be an a-la-carte way when it comes to choosing the right supplements.
The good part is amongst the junk there are great books for everyone to read about Nutrition. Recommended titles are:
  • Patrick Holford - The Optimum Nutrition Bible
  • Dr. Ray Strand - What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutrition Medicine May be Killing You.

I cannot emphasise enough how satisfying it is to finally find supplements that gave me exactly what's written on the label. I felt the difference in 5 days, I felt alive, my mind is sharpened. That when you know, You found IT.
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Friday, March 03, 2006

Nice women finish broke.

Once upon a time a 19 year old Singaporean went to Holland in search for her true identity. She swam with the High-ends socialites but also sank to the bottom of her end. She did everything she could to stay afloat for 4 years. What she learned is, the more women give, the less they have for themselves.

We’ve all heard the jokes on why women live longer than men. Those men want it that way so that they don’t have to hear us nagging.

I’m sure you can come up with a few more of your own. We’ve also read the articles that menopause allows women to live longer. It stops us from having children but lets them to live long enough to take care of their children or grandchildren. Our mothers took it very personally to ensure that we take care of our families, cook, clean, you know the deal.

What’s missing in that package is US, You! In Singapore, there are thousands and thousands of great women walking around, holding good jobs and making a mark for themselves, I know at least 8 of them. Yes you know who you are.

For the first time in history, women have had equal opportunities as men do. Yet, women still have the short end of the stick. How did we stop taking care of ourselves?

Stop. Think about this, What’s more Important to You? Health or Wealth. BOTH.

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